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Manifest It Candles

Manifest It Candles

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  • Each color represents a different intention. Comes with one candle.
  • Cleanse + set intention + light
  • Ingredients: Soy Wax + Paraffin Wax (for structure) | Vegan Cruelty Free
  • Measurements: Each candle is approximately 5"x1"x1"
  • Burn Time: 2+ hours | Please keep in mind, burn time will vary since many factors go into manifestations (your energy, energy around you, intentions, headspace, etc).

Color meanings:

Red Lust, Confidence, Strength, Passion, Courage

Orange: Justice, Success, Opportunities, Business Success

Yellow Joy, Focus, Hope, Intelligence

Green Abundance, Money, Fertility, Physical Healing, Growth

Blue Communication, Creativity, Forgiveness

Purple Wisdom, Insight, Intuition

Pink Love (Self-Love or Romantic), Friendships, Emotional Healing

Brown Grounding, Stability

Black Protection, Banishing Negative Energies

White: Peace, Protection, Higher Self

Gold Prosperity, Success, Wealth

Silver Dreams, Intuition, Transmuting Negative Energies

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